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We understand from scriptures that every prophetic or apostolic grace is for the liberation and restoration of the dignity and royalty of God’s people any day and any time anywhere.
(Exo 3:7-8)

Royal Life International Christian Centre. (Extreme Left: Kennedy Ezenwa).
Royal Life International Christian Centre. (Extreme Left: Kennedy Ezenwa).


In 2001 precisely while I was having a nice time in a friend’s house in Lagos, Nigeria. I had finished taking my birth and the previous night, I had prayed all though asking God just one thing” what is your plan for my life, show me Lord, I don’t want to guess through life like others have done” but I didn’t hear anything neither was I shown anything. But the following morning at about 11:30am while I was watching CNN channel, all of a sudden, I fell into a trance and God began to show me an array of people who were denied of their right, people who were deprived and subjected to a life of hardship in the midst of abundance and I began to weep because their pain and anguish was just too unbearable to overlook.

After some 4 hours, I woke up and my eyes were covered with tears. I was thrown into confusion that I didn’t know when I ran to a nearby protestant church, just to see someone, to talk to me about what I was shown. But to my disappointment, I was told the bishop was in a very important meeting and as such, I could either wait or come tomorrow, but because what has happened to me has triggered a question in my sub-conscious, I ran to another church called mountain of fire and miracle ministry along festac, Lagos -Nigeria where I was asked to undergo a three days dry fasting which started immediately without bothering to go back to my friends’ house. And of course, I didn’t have any mobile phone with me.

But as God would have it, on the third day of the dry fast, I heard a voice say to me, Shiloh (a Christian convention) is here and it is a mountain of transfiguration. There will I meet with you and there will I show you what thou seekest.

Without wasting time, I ran back home. And to my surprise, when I arrived at my home, I met the friend in whose house I was staying. Unlike him and the next thing he said to me was, we are going to Shiloh and I said fine.

At Shiloh 2001, I met with God in some strange dimension and I knew I had a mandate on my life but when and where I didn’t know.

Subsequently, after my national youth service program, which was a compulsory one year service to the nation after ones university graduation, I got a job with a pharmaceutical company as an area marketing executive. After three years of meritorious service and blessing from the Lord, I moved on with another job with United African Company (UAC) which was the largest conglomerate in the entire West Africa at that time. And within a space of five years, I was promoted to an area manager due to the result God was giving me in the discharge of my duty.

Pastor Ken in His Office Before He Came To Uganda
Pastor Ken in His Office Before He Came To Uganda.

All of a sudden, the call to step into destiny came calling again and this time around with an irresistible pressure. The Lord said to me” the hour has come to embark on a training that will equip you for the assignment I have for you.”

I was so upset and reluctant because I was not only well paid but I was also well taken care of. There was nothing really I needed that I didn’t have, and naturally speaking, it was difficult to say goodbye to my world of comfort and affluence.

One day, a call for full time pastoral intake was made in the branch of Winners’ Chapel where I was serving in the church choir. I had a voice that told me, this call is for you but I told myself, I was not going to pick the form because I needed to save more money in case of anything. But little did I know that God had another plan. When the conviction got stronger and irresistible, I began to negotiate with God to do it part time since there is opportunity to serve as a part time pastor. But God said “for you, thou shall serve me with all your heart, soul and all your time” (Deu 11:13)

That was how I joined the full time pastoral service in Winners’ Chapel having resigned my job with UAC. And after I have served some 6 years with Winners Chapel, I was enlisted for a foreign mission assignment. I was to go to Ghana, in the city where oil was discovered.

Pastor Ken’s Last Ministration before He Came to Uganda. (At Winners Chapel Kaduna).
Pastor Ken’s Last Ministration before He Came to Uganda. (At Winners Chapel Kaduna).

But just a day to our departure, it was changed to Uganda and with all sense of honesty, I was angry! But why I asked; of all countries, must it be Uganda? What do they even have? It was at this juncture that I embarked on a midnight prayer because our trip had to be delayed for another two days.

But to my greatest surprise, on the second day, by mid night the Lord spoke to me saying, they thought they are selling you but I am sending you. (Gen 45:5)(Gen 50:20).

On our arrival to Entebbe airport in Uganda on the 28th October 2010, the Lord in a clear, unmistakable and undeniable voice said to me” I have ordained you as one of my end time messengers to this nation for the restoration of the dignity and royalty of my people which I have ordained for them, right from the foundation of the world and through you I will show my wonders in the land; and I will restore everything they have lost and my people shall never be ashamed anymore, said the Lord”. (Exo 3:7-8, 19-20 hosea12:13).


On the 16th of July 2012, I was recalled back to the international headquarters in Nigeria for another assignment (that is how the system works). I continued with my new assignment until November 10th 2013. The Lord came again and spoke to me, hence the mission of this great commission: “Am sending you to Uganda for the restoration of the dignity and royalty of my people which are in the land, for I have seen their affliction and I heard their groaning. (Exo 3:7-8)(Joel 2:25-26)

Pastor Ken rising to fulfill destiny after a prayer of sent forth by the Provincial Pastor and the entire church.
Pastor Ken rising to fulfill destiny after a prayer of sent forth by the Provincial Pastor and the entire church.


To see Jesus Christ glorified and magnified in our lives with proofs of our redemptive rights.(Rev 5:12)


The Lord said to me, you don’t grow and make impact in ministry by location rather by impartation. Only stay with me. (Dec 29th 2014)

He also said, if my servant, John the Baptist could prosper in ministry even in the wilderness, if my servant, David Oyedepo could build the world’s largest church auditorium in Ota the den of witches, then get set for an eruption of strange works and wonders in the land wherein I sent you. According to what he said, it is not where you are that matters but who is with you.

Royal Life International Christian Centre at the onset in Walukuba East, Jinja (Uganda).
Royal Life International Christian Centre at the onset in Walukuba East, Jinja (Uganda).


LUKE 22:35-38, LUKE 18:28-31, JUDGES 18:10

I didn’t just come to Uganda, am sent to Uganda for the restoration of your glorious destiny in Christ through the message of salvation and practical Christianity


  • To break the yokes of poverty, poverty mentality and to overcome all the oppressions of the wicked in the lives of God’s people in the land.
  • To destroy every shackle of ignorance responsible for the beggarly condition through practical Christianity.
  • To wipe away the tears from the eyes of the people.
  • To uproot all satanic altars responsible for altering the destinies of people.
  • To put to an end all the oppression and demonic vices put together to keep the people of God in perpetual hardship.
  • To unleash the wonders of God in the land thereby bringing to an end all the forces resisting the advancement of the gospel in the land bringing about a revival in the land.
  • Finally to restore the glorious destiny of His people through teaching the word and showing his power to everyone that believes.


We shall be addressed worldwide as members of ROYAL FAMILY.
And each member shall be addressed as A ROYALITE